The advantages of Utilizing a Chatbot With regard to Interview.

While we take about a chatbot, we generally think of some extra advantages which we would get as a result which a typical hiring process can’t offer. Listed here is a write-up that’ll educate you of a number of the major benefits that you might have while using a chatbot for an interview. The advantages which are enlisted in this write are generally for recruiters in addition to for candidates. Let’s check them out one by one.

AI Supported Video Interview

In the past, we have experienced that an interview process is initiated with a real-life HR person. He used to conduct the introductory round with candidates one by one and it used to be excessively time-to consume. With the forthcoming of chatbot for interview, the hiring system is immensely benefitted.

Because the chatbot is assisted by AI, the first round of interview which candidates attend occurs pretty fast. The bot asks the candidate sign in from the mobile or desktop so that it can commence with the video round. Throughout the video round, the bot asks the questions to the candidate which otherwise would have been asked with a real-life HR.

Now whilst the video round goes on, the bot with the aid of artificial intelligence scans the facial skin of the individual sitting on the other end of the webcam and calculates his emotional index and confidence level. Scores and rankings are made to the candidate on those parameters best chatbot. Every one of these activities which were previously conducted by an HR person are actually conducted by the bot. The video call round is extremely effective in getting the entire recruitment process completed quickly in situations of mass recruitment.

Development and sharing of a Leaderboard

Another benefit of using a chatbot for interview is that it makes a leaderboard for the recruiters. Prior to the start of the interview that your bot would conduct, the recruiters are free to set the parameters where a candidate would get judged. In accordance with those parameters the bot gives scores and rankings to each and every candidate who has brought part in the video interview round.

From the rankings that your leaderboard provides, recruiters find it very easy to take forward those candidates to the next round of interview. The judgments are not doubted perfect and since the parameters are set by humans only, there’s the least chance where it might go wrong.

It’s not the recruiters who could check out the scores an ranks of candidates on the leaderboard. If the situation demands, the higher management of the business also can check the leaderboard to take recruitment decisions.

Summing up the discussion

The introduction of artificial intelligence in the recruitment sector has indeed provided recruiters with several advantages. The chatbots have really worked wonders for various industries as it pertains to recruiting multiple candidates. The advantages discussed here indeed are eye catching.

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