Lionel Messi Has a New Team, and a New View

On Thursday afternoon, Lionel Messi departed from Barcelona, the club he named house for a lot more than two decades. He boarded a plane to Paris and surfaced in the window of Le Bourget Airport to trend to his fans. That was…new. messi news has been just loyal all through his career: 21 years with Barcelona’s academy and squad is proof of that. He is been generally exactly the same along with his watches—you’d contact his arm an outstanding team player. For a long time, following he got an Audemars Piguet Regal Oak as a gift following earning his first subject with Barcelona in 2005, he used the manufacturer frequently. He became an ambassador in 2010, and then worked on a wrist watch with the house in 2012. For the past few years, he’s worn a hulking Jacob & Co. with a dial in orange and bright, to reflect the colors of the banner addressing Messi’s indigenous Argentina. That watch is caused by yet another relationship and alliance Messi solidified in 2019. But Messi is obviously up for trying new things, and his team loyalties aren’t the only thing that is shifted. As he jumped out of a window at the airport to greet the fans of his new team, Paris St.-Germain, he was wearing a fresh watch: a Rolex Yacht Master.

Argentinian baseball participant Lionel Messi dunes to followers from the window following he arrived on July 10 2021 at Le…
A flower gold watch with a dark face and bezel
Lionel Messi’s Rolex Yacht-Master
The Yacht-Master is unquestionably perhaps not probably the most evident choice for Messi. Among Rolex watches, it’s perhaps not the globally lusted-after Daytona, or the beautiful and elegant Day-Date. I guess it’s the ideal choice for a player, nevertheless, built with a rubber tie and a durable ceramic bezel. But watches are very immune to the smallest shifts in the headwinds that this could be the immortalizing time for the Yacht-Master. It’s easy to assume this because the start of a fresh heritage with this watch. Lovers should familiarize themselves with this particular picture of Messi greeting his new fans in the window. It’s the one an market house will undoubtedly promote decades from today, if Messi ever decides to part with this particular watch (for charity, needless to say!). The Yacht-Master will permanently be the clock one of many best soccer people in the world used while tagging a momentous event in his career—and in the watch earth, that is large time.

Messi and Westbrook have been in deal: if you’re planning to change clubs, you should tag the event with a Rolex. While Messi gone slightly out of the field along with his Yacht-Master, Westbrook, for probably initially ever, is directly inside the box. He is wearing the very classic Datejust made out of equally material and gold—a combination the Top calls “Rolesor.”

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Rodin Eckenroth
A flower gold watch with a dark face
Sylvester Stallone’s Patek Philippe Nautilus 5980
Stallone is a kingmaker in the world of watches, thanks to his idiosyncratic taste. He helped mint Panerai and ushered in age Huge Watches in the ‘90s. So when he wears a Patek Philippe Nautilus, he does not use the one everyone wants. The watch was initially designed to be a easy sports watch in stainless steel. The 5980 on Stallone’s arm betrays those ideals. For starters, this design, first presented in 2006, was the first with a chronograph. Also, the watch’s state as a casual sports watch is out the window when created over in flower gold.

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